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Osmangazi Mah. Sanayi Cad. No:35
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Human Resources Policy

TUNA YAPI respects the employees’ rights and liberties as a result of focusing human being. Ethical values ​​are very important for TUNA YAPI and all employees are treated in line with this philosophy.

TUNA YAPI is a company that is focused to innovation and adapts to technological developments and TUNA YAPI expects the same synergy from the employees and supports them in line around these goals.


The right candidate approach to the right job for TUNA YAPI is the biggest difference in the company’s recruitment process.


TUNA YAPI purposes to support all required opportunities which is important for providing vocational and self-improvements of each employees.

Wages policy

TUNA YAPI uses a position-oriented and standardized wage system which is suitable with business evaluation methodology and market comparisons. Adopting the ‘fair wage’ policy instead of ‘equal wages’ policy, TUNA YAPI continues to develop systems and processes that will provide competitive advantage and highlight successful performance.


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